There is growing awareness that we need to change the economic development model of the last century, based on excessive energy consumption, overuse of water supplies and natural resources. Luxury and comfort have been traditionally associated with greater consumption.

Global pollution and environmental degradation, clearly visible in big cities and industrial areas, are damaging our natural environment and also reducing the quality of life.

This rapid environmental degradation has caused a growing tourist demand in pursuing outdoors activities. This has resulted in the search for a higher quality of life and a complete symbiosis with the environment.

Energy companies are reducing costs to become more competitive. However, there is a growing social awareness about environmental problems and about the harmful impact of human activties, which has lead to energy resources optimization and the implementation of renewable energies.


The Mountain Tourism Cluster intends to serve as a practical guide to implement energy and water optimization measures in rural areas of high environmental quality, such as the Pyrenees.

The best option to guarantee a company’s future success, is to achieve a sustainable development, rationalizing the use of natural resources and energy, as well as minimizing the environmental impact.

Therefore the aim is to make the best use of the resources available, through the creation of synergies, bringing together environment, technology and economy. It must be understood that environmental protection is an investment in our future and in quality tourism.


We shall strive to maintain the environmental balance of our mountains in order to promote quality tourism. If we want to ensure the long-term survival of our mountains, we must encourage respect for nature, not as a moral obligation, but as the only way to achieve a sustainable development.

For these reasons, we are commited to supporting innovation projects that help fix the population and maintain or increase mountain attractiveness, including the preservation of natural areas and their immense ecological wealth.

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