The CTM is committed to supporting projects that can create a more secure mountain environment and to making mountain destinations more accessible. We are thus facing a double challenge:

  1. If our destinations are perceived as safe and secure, we will gain a competitive advantage over other destinations.
  2. By providing safey to the tourists, we are also making mountain environment more accessible to those who want to discover it, avoiding unnecessary risks. We will change tourists risk perception, encouraging them to try mountain activities.

Helping customers to overcome those difficulties might be a means of increasing customer loyalty to our destinations and to our services offer.

To this ends, we are building partnerships between different tourism companies and agents(in particular, with adventure tourism companies) to launch innovative projects, in coordination with local government.


Plan the activity ahead of time.

What factors should be considered before starting the activity?

Know your limits

Knowing your limits is essential for your safety and your enjoyment.

Be properly equipped

Choose the correct clothing and equipment for the activity and know how to use them.


Check the forecast for the place you are visiting and remember weather conditions on the mountain can change quickly.

Tell someone your plan

It is essential to tell someone where you are going and your intended return time.

Knowledge of the area

Take a map and a compass with you.

What do we do in an Emergency

We need to be prepared ahead of time for emergencies.



Our deep knowledge of the activities and products enables the CTM to give expert advice to the customers and meet their needs and expectations. It is important to provide a wide range of activities in order to be a more attractive destination.


You must prepare if you want to ensure a safe trip to the mountain: plan your route carefully, make sure you carry all the necessary equipment and the activity is suitable for everyone.


Plan your route in detail and consider if it the chosen path is appropriate for the group. In case you get lost or there is poor visibility, you will need a map to find the way. You can also mark reference points that will help you know your location.

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