The CTM wants to give a major focus to the tourist, adapting products and services to their interests. Our goal is to become a driving force for innovation in the sector, capable of adapting to changing demands. To do so, it is necessary to develop tools for the design and testing of new experiences, products, services using design thinking approach, which consists of 3 main phases:

  1. Understand/Observe
  2. Definine a point of view/Ideate
  3. Prototype/Test

This service is created with the purpose of enhancing the value of the services offered by mountain businesses, while strengthening the tourism industry in the region.


  • Getting to know the current tourists and identifying potential tourists.
  • Building customer loyalty with the aim of analysing their behaviour and generating a new customer experience based on co-creation.
  • Creating customized experiences, involving the tourists, diversifying the offer (promoting all-year round tourism) and encouraging bussiness partnerships.
  • Making the tourists feel welcome, providing quality customer services and experiences.
  • To develop effective communication with customers (before, during and after the experience).


An innovative technology will be used by the working groups in order to create experiences, and it will also be very useful to test the new proposals.

This project is aligned with the Comprehensive National Tourism Plan (PNIT), which was released by the Government in 2012. These are some of the key points:

  • It places the customer at the centre of the innovation process, using the design thinking method.
  • The natural heritage will be enhanced by promoting the use of non-motorized pathways and trails for mountain biking and hiking.


The New Products Commission could be considered a new service, a “Living lab for Tourism Experience”, using specific procedure, methodology and tools.

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