Mountains of innovation

Together we can share our experiences, promote ideas, make meaningful contributions to the project. Allways within the framework of R&D and sustainable development, in order to preserve our environment, the mountains.

Entrepreneur support in projects related to the mountain environment. Security, innovation, marketing of new products, sustainable projects…

Development of tourism projects in mountain destinations. We provide support for starting and implementing innovative projects: market studies, grants…

Implement solutions with the assistance of tools, such as Ruralgest or Safemountain, that could develop synergies between different projects or help promote initiatives, activities…


The Mountain Tourism Cluster has been created with the aim of playing a leading role and unifying efforts at a national and international level, as well as to improve mountain tourism destinations.

Fostering innovation at different levels:

  • Security.
  • Products.
  • Commercialization.
  • Environment.
  • Research studies.

Our cluster aims to bring together different initiatives, connecting entrepreneurs from different parts of the country, for the benefit of the group as a whole. We provide assistance for implementing new initiatives and for managing national and European subsidies.

Everything begins with an idea… do we make it real?

Latest News


Hoy viernes en Pamplona, en la confederación empresarial de Navarra, de la mano de la Red Navarra de Clusteres presentando nuestro ejemplo de Cluster de Turusmo de Montaña ...


1. To innovate.

Innovation is the base of our philosophy and it is what we want to implement in our regions.
The best investment we can make is the implementation of products, projects or innovative activities that contribute to improve our environment and generate new sustainable and environmentally-friendly business models.

2. To optimize.

To optimize our resources is essential for the sustainability of the cluster and its initiatives.
All the projects that we support are analyzed to help and guide the promoters and ensure the continuity of the initiatives.

3. To create.

If we want to improve our environment and to promote mountain tourism destinations, we need to design appropriate tools for this purpose.
The CTM is constantly engaged in developing and implementing these tools to meet consumer’s needs.

4. To analyze.

Once the projects have been rigurously analyzed and studied, we monitor the results in order to evolve and try to be closer to the consumer’s needs.

The Mountain Tourism Cluster is a member of:

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